Assistance in creating a CV

A CV is an essential element of your promotion.

However, for some reason it is seen as an element of bureaucracy that simply 'has to be'. Most candidates send in a document downloaded from the Internet on the request "director's CV sample", having edited the necessary numbers and data in it.

And they're missing out on a huge opportunity

  • to go through the initial screening of resumes
  • increase your chances of getting on the final list
  • Provide an employer with ALL the information they need
  • Impress your boss correctly and "set the stage" for a productive interview

Our turnkey technology for comprehensive employment includes promoting the candidate and creating all the necessary tools to do so.

The resume writing service is provided by a team of professionals from - copywriters, HR-specialists, designers, layout designers.

We have a special approach to resume writing

The process is overseen by a career development partner - a personal mentor, an experienced senior manager who leads your employment project.

This is a member of the company's senior management team.

The career development partners have reached professional heights, among other things, thanks to their self-presentation skills. Amongst other things, they have extensive experience in forming management teams and assisting in the career development of top managers in 28 professional areas and in over 30 sectors.

All professionals involved in CV development work under the direct supervision of a career development partner.

But you can also turn to a professional CV writing service - - which guarantees you several times as many interviews! The team consists of a large number of certified resume writers who have experience in different career fields and will turn your resume into a powerful job search tool.